September 26, 2018

So the Federal Reserve decided to raise rates further today, pegging the Federal Funds Rate (FFR) at about 2%. Just a few years ago, that rate was on the floor at or near 0%, being a part of the Fed's accommodative monetary policies that included Quantitative Easing, O...

September 20, 2018

Some more trade ideas today to balance and diversify the portfolio:

High Implied Volatility, Delta Neutral

$FEYE - this stock is a mover, yes, but an Iron Butterfly for Nov-2 expiration covers about a 12% move in either direction. If the stock does move that far, though,...

September 18, 2018

Here are today's trade ideas!

High Implied Volatility, Delta Neutral

$EWZ - both of the previous $EWZ trade ideas were profitable and taken off today. IV remains very high in this ETF, so why not continue to sell premium? The breakeven range is still quite good because I...

September 12, 2018

Here are your trade ideas for the day, broken down by category:

High Implied Volatility, Delta Neutral

$PM - This stock has been getting beat up, and IV has risen because of that. Today though, the stock is up 4% as of writing and could be bucking the trend, but I doubt...

September 5, 2018

I'm back from vacation with more trade ideas! Some of these ideas are "good-to-go" and others are more "wait-and-see," and I'll denote that as necessary. All of these ideas pertain to the October expiration. Charts can be found in the gallery below.

$EWZ - IV is extreme...

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