Start your journey off by learning the basics of successful options trading

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Episode 1 - Option Basics

Start from square one and learn what options are and the differences between the two types of contracts, puts and calls.

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Episode 2 - Price Determinants

Understand how options obtain their prices by learning about the three most important variables.


Episode 3 - Option Greeks

Learn about the mathematics behind option prices and how they relate to the variables discussed in Episode 2.


Episode 4 - Buying vs Selling

Discern the pros and cons of buying vs selling options.

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Episode 5 - The Power of Neutral

Discover how to create option positions that profit without you needing to guess where the underlying stock is going.

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Episode 6 - Probability of Profit

See how options positions have an accurate probability of profit, and learn how to use this to your advantage as a trader


Episode 7 - Controlling Risk

Learn how to use option spreads to control and mitigate the unique risks in options trading.


Episode 8 - Maximizing Reward

Learn how to gain a good risk and reward balance and use trade management skills to maximize profits.

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Episode 9 - Winning Strategies

Review, combine, and compile all of the material learned in the course to create a winning options trading strategy.

Ready to take the next step?

Options Trading 101 is meant to serve as a good first step in your options trading education. You are a long way from being ready to trade options after taking this course, but you're on the right track.

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