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Inspecting Interactive Brokers TWS

Normally Saturday uploads will be an update on my current portfolio of trades and an analysis of their status. Right now, I have no current positions because I'm in the process of switching brokers, which is a real pain as you have to learn how to use an entirely different platform.

Important for me in a new broker are cheap commissions and to be able to easily monitor and adjust current positions. Everything else can be taken care of by the research and analysis platform that I use - ThinkorSwim.

Interactive Brokers' platform is confusing, and as I discovered, basically everything about them is confusing. It's also very user-UNfriendly, so, learning how everything works is going to take a lot of time.

At this time, I am leaning towards IB as my next execution broker, but I am also going to try and look at newcomer tastyworks, as they too have cheap commissions. However, I can't test out their platform without opening an account, and all they have to offer in the way of screenshots looks like the platform leaves a lot to be desired.

Hopefully I have this all figured out by next Saturday so I can get back to trading!

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