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Earnings Trades: NFLX and HOG

Today we have some big earnings on deck after the bell and tomorrow before the bell. NFLX (Netflix) and HOG (Harley-Davidson) are reporting and both stocks have high IV.

Remember to follow me on StockTwits for real-time updates, as these posts and YT videos come out a bit later, due to having to upload the video, etc. In the future, trade updates will be posted earlier so that these posts and YT videos can come out before the closing bell - today I was out running errands and couldn't do it any earlier.

I generally don't like to trade earnings because the instant price swings and immediate IV crush can make it nearly impossible to adjust a position should the stock crater lower or burst higher. This is something that I discuss in Part III of the Comprehensive Trading Course and in the Strategy Playbook. Always keep maximum risk in earnings trades < 2% of account capital.

***Update: $NFLX beats - big subscriber growth of 5.2 million in Q2. As of 4:13pm, $NFLX @ 175.XX. We shall see if the pop holds, as this marks a fresh all-time high for the stock.

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