• Brandon

$AAPL and $TSLA Earnings

I know, last week I said that earnings season for Q2 this year was frustrating and that I was done with earnings trades. But then I failed to realized that two heavy-hitters were on deck for this week, and I felt obliged to weigh in.

$AAPL had earnings already (I failed to post here on-time due to illness) and $TSLA reports after the close today. Once again this week, the Earnings Trade Review will be posted here and on my YouTube channel on Saturday.

Also to reiterate, I have not actually placed any of these trades in my own accounts. I have opened my Interactive Brokers account, but they are being a little slow on all the necessary things on their end to get me going. When that's all done, it will be announced promptly, and from then on, most of the trade updates you will see will be actual positions I am making, adjusting, or closing unless otherwise stated.

Here are the videos:

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