• Brandon

Trade Ideas for the Week

Here's what I'm looking at so far this week:

$AAPL: Appears that this stock will avoid a gap fill back towards 150 and instead will consolidate between 155 and 160 before making its next move. In the meantime, IV has remained relatively high post earnings, meaning we can sell premium decently far away from the market for some decent net credit. The trade:

$CTL: This stock reported earnings last week and initially really sold off before rebounding quite a bit, though still ending down on the day. Friday we got a hanging man candle so today if we drop below 22.3X support, a revisit of the 52wk low could be in order over the course of the week and next. I don't want to trade an iron condor here because even though IV is still high post ER, you can't get enough premium in net credit far enough away from the market for it to be worth doing. Thus I'm looking to sell puts in anticipation of a bounce. The trade:

Stay tuned for more trade ideas as the week goes on!

**Update 8/7 @ 3:18pm**

I should make the difference between a trade idea and an actual trade here: trade ideas will be expressed as "opportunities" or "ideas" specifically on StockTwits announcements, and actual trades placed by me will be announced separately with "FILLED @" in the StockTwits announcement. All positions opened / all trades placed will be recorded and put into video on YouTube first, StockTwits second, and here in the Trading Journal third.

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