• Brandon

trade IDEAS vs trade UPDATES

From now on, trade ideas and trade updates will be differentiated. Trade ideas will be announced on StockTwits with no video, and if occurring at the beginning of the week, will be seen in the Trading Journal under "Trade Ideas for the/this Week." Trade updates will be announced on StockTwits with video and will always appear here with video. Trade idea announcements will always have language in them like "trade idea" or "opportunity," whereas trade update announcements will have language in them like "FILLED @."

For example, StockTwits announcement of a trade UPDATE:

$AAPL Sep17 145/150/165/170 short iron condor FILLED @ 1.50. VIDEO: (link to youtube video)

and trade IDEA:

$AAPL trade idea: Sep17 145/150/165/170 short iron condor. Current mark = ~1.50; 59% chance of profit.

It would be more time consuming to make videos for each trade I take a look at rather than to just make a video for each trade I actually place and go over the details.

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