• Brandon

More Trade Ideas for This Week and Next

Be sure to follow me on StockTwits for these updates in real-time; the only reason these trade ideas show up here is just for permanent and easy to find documentation.

$VXX - Yes the $VIX has spiked again, but this time it has nothing to do with North Korea and everything to do about Mr. Gary Cohn and the Fed. Either way, it seems like it's free money month, so just repeat the same trade - buy the Sep 12/14 bear put spread, at time of writing (2:30pm) it's trading for 1.25. Put on a couple lots and take them off by Monday for likely an easy $50-$80.

$QQQ - Because IV isn't high enough to warrant selling premium in $SPY or $DIA, we'll seek to do that in the Q's. Last time we sold puts under the South Korean market, this time we do the US. The Sep 135/138 bull put is trading for about 0.50 with a 77% chance of profit. Volatility cratered quickly before and I suspect it will do so again.

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