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SUNDAY Portfolio Analysis

Hey everybody, sorry I had no video yesterday. I spent the day tailgating and witnessing one of the best football games I've ever seen - my alma mater Ohio State vs our bitter rivals Penn State. And it served as a great analogy for my own life at the current time. We were down at one point 21-3, but yet we managed to come back and win it at the very end, 39-38. Even though I might be down right now in my trading, there's still plenty of time to turn it around.

There really isn't enough to talk about to make a video today, either. I have one position on, the iron condor in $BABA. I plan to take that off by November 2, as I do not want to hold it through earnings. $BABA had a big up day on Friday, but if it can stay put at these levels really between 173 and 178 for 2 more days, I should be taking this off very close to my original profit target in me mid 0.70s. It would take another large move either to 165 or 186 to make this position a breakeven and beyond to make it a loser, so I'm hopeful that this position will come out a winner, even if its not as large as I would like.

Looking forward to next week, the spike in the $VIX that I made a video about previously did not last as long as I wanted it too, and all the ideas that I had are much less attractive now because volatility cratered as quickly as it jumped. Seeing as we're about halfway through this Q3 earnings season, I plan to wait it out and refrain from trading earnings, and to wait around for volatility to rise across the market again, or at least in some specific names or sectors. Given the fact that things haven't been exactly going my way, I'm deciding to wait for the best possible opportunities before making more trades. Of course, the market environment can change quickly, so that might change in the future. So, there won't be a trade ideas video for today, either.

I am currently hard at work converting the Comprehensive Trading Course from a live lecture structure into a streaming video structure, and so I probably won't be as active with making other videos, or trading, as stated. I'll do my best to keep content rolling out fairly regularly.

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