• Brandon

Some thoughts on recent performance

This won't be an exhaustive analysis on my recent performance metrics or anything, just some passing thoughts on how I've done and what I could have and can do better for the remainder of this quarter and beyond.

Many, in fact most, of my recent trade IDEAS have been paying off, but I didn't take most of them. Because of course I didn't. My first quarter of showing my trading results to the world has started off pretty badly, and for lots of reasons I'll cover more in depth in the future. Bottom line is that recently I have let my frustrations control my decision making for the worse. A couple of bad decisions getting into positions I should have never been in piled on to significant losers in which the market just didn't go my way got me to the point where I was fearing taking on risk. You don't want to find yourself doing that!

5 ideas that have paid off quite nicely over the past month have been iron condors in IWM, AAPL, and MSFT. Additionally, bull put spreads underneath EXPE and MAC also paid out nicely. Overall, the gross returns of these trades has been about $275, which in tandem with my positions on right now would have dug me out of the whole.

I was uncharacteristically careless and overly emotional with my trading in the months of September and October, and when that translated into negative returns, I lost confidence in myself. My recent ideas have shown to me that when I get back to my core strategy and stop trying to create opportunities where they are not present that I will be just fine. I've had to remind and indeed reassure myself that my core strategy is a quantitative one; it is a strategy with the odds in MY favor!

Perhaps I won't be green at the end of this quarter, but as time goes on I'm confident that I will be; my past performance indicates so as well as the mathematics behind my strategy. It's just a shame that I could be green as of right now if only I had not been so clouded by stress and frustration!

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