• Brandon

Today's Market Moves

See this week's Trade IDEAS video for all the details, and check out the CLT Options trading log for position specifics

$QQQ: tech had a wide-spread sell off today but with the Q's so strong this year I don't see any reason to avoid selling puts underneath it!

$IWM: Russell 2000 hitting new highs but this index trades sideways perhaps more than any other. With IV rising in this ETF today, I decided to get short vol and delta neutral

$V: Basically the same set-up as the Q's. Very strong uptrend this year will likely remain intact despite today's dump. High IV means get short vega and long delta!

$FXI: Chinese market ETF has seen an increase in IV over the last week and looks ready to consolidate before heading higher. We will see. I meant to trade 2 lots on this but decided against.

$AAPL: I have had great success trading iron condors in these stock for several years. The set-up here is very similar to the successful $AAPL trades I've had in the past.

$UPS: This stock shot up today, triggering my GTC order to get out at 0.23

It was quite a busy day today!

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