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First Post in a While!

Hey everyone, sorry for not posting the Saturday Portfolio Analysis videos here over the past month. There's no excuse, I just forgot to do it. I imagine most of you who read this already subscribe to my YouTube channel anyway and just find my videos there, but I shouldn't make that assumption. Anyway, let's move on to some trade ideas for next week!

I haven't had any open positions for a few weeks because the market presented me with few quality opportunities for the strategies I employ. That's beginning to change recently, however, I am in the process of opening an account at Tasty Works in order to review their platform and compare it to ToS and TWS. Here are the ideas anyway:

Short Vega, Long Delta: $DB, $PBR

These two stocks have been hammered recently, pumping IV way, way up. I think the selling is overdone and would like to get some long/positive delta exposure on these.

Short Vega, Delta Neutral: $MYL, $FCAU, $USO, $ITUB, $ABBV, $GE

All of these stocks have seen a recent bump in IV and none of them look to me like they want to trend one way or the other over the short-medium term. I'd sell Iron Flies or Condors.

Long Vega, Delta Short: $FB

I can believe that after the whole 'scandal' $FB was involved in just two months ago that the stock would be right back at all-time highs. People just don't give a sh*t about their data being used and abused because they're addicted to social media. Literally, not figuratively, addicted. Either way $FB is getting a bit overbought and I think it might cool off over the short-medium term. A -0.40 delta put calendar can work for this and if I'm wrong and $FB plows beyond all-time highs, just admit defeat and take a small loss on that position.

Sorry for no video but it's been a busy weekend and yada yada yada.

Good luck this week out there!

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