• Brandon

Trade Ideas | 8/10/18

I don't have any specific trade ideas for today, because I think opening trades around the events I'm looking at today to hold them over the weekend would be unwise.

Turkey is having some economic troubles to say the least and that is having a spillover effect into other "emerging markets." This has cause implied volatility to rise in a number of markets that can be traded.

$EEM - the iShares emerging ETF is down more than 2% on the day, trading near July's lows of 43. If the situation in Turkey persists, I could see this trading below even the June lows around 42. Perhaps a bearish trade should be looked at next week.

$FEZ & $FXE - the situation in Turkey is having an effect on developed economies in Europe as well. Implied volatility has risen considerably for these two Europe ETFs as $FXE makes a fresh 52-week low and $FEZ is on it's way to set something similar. Perhaps a bullish trade should be looked at next week, developing into a possibly neutral stance as we see how this situation progresses.

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