• Brandon

Trade Ideas | 3/6/19

Volatility remains low across the market despite the blip we saw on Monday. So, by this point, you know the drill: sell Iron Butterflies. However, there are also some quality directional set-ups in this post as well. Enjoy!

$FB - The stock has rebounded a bit off the lows but is running into some resistance currently. Additionally, the stock is trading completely above the top Bollinger band, with a negative reaction to resistance. That's the kind of set-up I look for with bearish directional trades, so I think it's worth taking a small short position. ITM/ATM put debit spread for April.

$TGT - The reaction to earnings was positive but not positive enough, it would seem. The stock is failing to push above gap resistance, and with today's candle again completely outside the top Bollinger band, if we close below yesterday's highs today, I think it's a good Delta short set-up. ITM/ATM put debit spread for April.

$DIS - The stock is trading pretty calm given the recent hoopla surrounding the overly-political Captain Marvel movie ... at least for now. I don't think that even if this move bombs that will affect $DIS too much because of the other stuff they have in the pipeline an- OK. Anyway, I think $DIS continues to trade sideways and that an Iron Butterfly for April expiration is a good trade.

$T - This stock has remained in a fairly tight range for months now, and I don't see a reason for that "trend" to cease. So, again, an April Iron Butterfly I think is a good trade.

$MS - It would seem that the downtrend in this stock has come to a halt. There was a nice rebound from late December into mid January, but since then, the stock has basically done nothing. I have no reason to assume that will change, so, April Iron Butterfly it is.

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