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In the Strategy LAB series, I aim to enhance and tweak the overriding trading methodology taught in my courses through empirical data.

These videos are available only to members before being uploaded to YouTube and posted here a few months later.


It's great to have quantitative methods at your disposal to keep you grounded and rules-based. However, it's still important and useful to be able to "read" charts to find opportunities and avoid traps.


Options offer a multitude of ways to make a profit. With stocks, you either buy low and sell high or sell high and buy low. With options, you can make a profit just by time passing. How about that?


Avoid the most common pitfalls among new traders by simply watching this video.


Trading is a hard skill to learn and use. New traders should be taught a methodology that sets-up rules to follow based on quantitative data. Allow me to explain...


A short video on which scenarios and situations to use the most popular options spread.

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Earnings announcements are a good opportunity to make a profit trading options. They're also a good way to lose a lot of money! Be sure to follow this guide if you don't want to end up penniless.


A series that I will be expanding on in 2019 that aims to shed light on some of the, well, good and bad trades you can make with options.


Discover exactly how the quantitative methods taught in our courses create a positive expectancy. In other words, learn how our methods aim to create consistently profitable traders!


Gamma is one of the least talked about Option Greeks, but it's insanely important to understand its effects on your positions and your portfolio!


Options are a tricky instrument to understand, and so it can be tricky to know how much money you need to start. Not anymore!


Iron Condors are one of my favorite strategies. This video explores how they can be enhanced through the concept of "laddering."

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February 2018 provided some action in the stock market not seen (at the time) for a number of years - swift and large downside movement. It caught nearly everyone by surprise, myself included. In this video I recount my mistakes and how to avoid them in the future.


The most popular and in-depth review online of one the cheapest brokers for options trading. Are Interactive Brokers' cheap fees worth using their platform?


One of the most popular tutorials on how to set-up Interactive Brokers' trading platform for options trading.


What was my favorite platform and the BEST for new options traders was bought-out by another firm. Did the platform survive the transition?